Prince George's County Board of Education, District 1


Parent Engagement

I am committed to expanding and encouraging parent involvement in PGCPS. Countless research supports the notion that academic success is related to parental involvement. As your school board member I will make every attempt to grow parental engagement in our school system. I will attend PTA meetings of every school within my first year in office and support their efforts to engage more parents.


Innovative Programs

I am a strong supporter of specialized programs including language immersion, vocational, magnet, and Montessori programs. As a school system it is important that we provide choices and alternatives based on student interest. All students are different, and they thrive in different environments. As a product of the county’s science and technology program I understand the importance and benefits of a smaller learning community. I support the “Middle College” program which would allow high school students to begin earning college credits at PGCC with the potential to graduate with an associate’s degree at no cost to them.


Special Education

Anti-bullying measures are important and need to be expanded in the special education community. Special Education students are at a greater risk of being bullied than other students. It is our duty to ensure that all students feel safe and comfortable in the school environment. Additionally it is critical that these students have adequate resources and instructional programs in place for them to be able to attend their local area schools.


Financial Literacy

Courses in Financial Literacy should be offered as an elective in all high schools. This subject is important as students leave the school system and go out into the real world. Banking, using a credit card, and managing finances are all essential skills that students should be exposed to early on.

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